Asbestos Surveys

We offer all asbestos survey types and testing, delivered to you when you need it. We offer fully-compliant and insured information – allowing you to effectively manage your asbestos. Our fully-trained, certified and highly-experienced asbestos surveying consultants help you achieve your desired outcome.

Asbsestos Surveys that we offer

TYPE 1: Location and assessment survey (presumptive survey)

In this type of survey no actual sampling is carried out, so there is no positive identification of asbestos containing materials (ACMs). The purpose of the survey is to locate, as far as reasonably practicable materials that should be presumed to contain asbestos and assess the extent to which they have been used and their condition. A walk through survey will be carried out and our surveyors will list materials and areas that can be reasonably expected to contain asbestos. Only materials that can confidently be excluded from potentially containing asbestos eg glass, metal or wood will be excluded from the survey.

During this survey, all areas should be inspected as far as reasonably practicable or else must be presumed to contain asbestos. The condition of all materials which are presumed to be asbestos must be assessed.

A TYPE 1 survey should only be considered where an initial understanding of possible ACMs within a property is required. They are not suitable for building management purposes or pre-demolition or refurbishment works.

TYPE 2: Standard sampling, un-obtrusive (no demolition) identification and assessment survey (sampling survey).

The procedures used for this type of survey are the same as for a type 1, however during the Type 2 survey representative samples of suspected ACMs are collected and analysed to confirm or refute the suspected presence of asbestos. Sampling will normally take place simultaneously with the survey and the condition and extent of the ACMs will also be assessed.

On completion of the survey a full photographic record and material report will be produced. This can be used as the basis for the asbetsos management within your property.

TYPE 3: Full access sampling and identification survey (pre-demolition / major refurbishment survey)

This survey may involve destructive inspection to gain access to all areas of the building to locate and describe, as far as reasonably practicable all ACMs in the building. A full sampling programme will be undertaken to identify ACMs and the extent to which they are used (volume and surface area). This type of survey is designed to be used as a basis for tendering the removal of ACMs before demolition or major refurbishment so an assessment of the condition of ACMs present is not necessary.

We are able to tailor each asbestos survey to meet the client's needs, for example; mixed Type 2 and Type 3 on sites with varied use.

If you require further information or would like to discuss a particular project please contact us today to discuss a package appropriate to your needs.

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