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Why do we need to remove asbestos?

Because it is a very dangerous substance once inhaled through the respiratory system into the lungs. The main related asbestos disease is called 'Mesothelioma'. Another related word is 'Asbestosis' which is a lung cancer. It can also affect your Larynx and stomach.

From what year was it banned in the UK?

Certain types of asbestos were banned approx 1985 being: White Chrysotile Asbestos, Crocidolite Blue Asbestos and Amosite Brown Asbestos. From 1999 all importation of any kind of asbestos was banned in the UK.

The Asbestos we have at our property is still intact but when does it become dangerous?

There is no danger as long as the Asbestos is perfectly intact ie not cracked or even slightly damaged. However, once disturbed or the Asbestos deteriorates then the toxic fibres will harm us and it is immperative to have it checked or surveyed.

How long does it take to affect us if inhaled?

Depends on the length of time being in an asbestos environement. If only a brief time then it may not affect one at all. Otherwise, this can take years gradually working into the lung tissue and other areas of the respiratory system and other areas too.

Survey? I'm not sure if a substance at my property contains Asbestos. Should I have a Survey done?

'Yes'. It is always best to have it checked in any environment. There are two types of Asbestos Survey therefore call us to explain. We offer 'EMERGENCY' callouts.

What is the composition of Asbestos?

Asbestos comes from certain minerals found within the earth. There are two types of Asbestos: 1. Serpentine 2. Amphibole. The main type of Asbestos is known as Chrysotile which is White and Amphibole which is Blue & Brown. Asbestos was used in the past because it was a good material for electrical products as it was a heat resistant material and good for insulation which does not dissolve in water and certain other chemicals.

How do you dispose of Asbestos once taken down?

We are a registered and extremely conscientious waste company that deliver all Asbestos waste to a waste site that hold a full licence or permit which proves that they are fully authorised to recieve it. Should a person just dump toxic waste anywhere, then this can lead to a big fine and more...

The above is only a handful of questions regarding Asbestos. Please do call us for a thorough 'questions and answers' session as we are more than happy to discuss with you, in depth, any apprehensions or worries that you may have.

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